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Telestream Changes the Game for File-Based Video Transcoding with Vantage 4.0



Vantage adds new acceleration technology, improved video quality, and CALM Act compliance

Las Vegas, the NAB Show™, April 16, 2012 – Telestream®, the leading provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, today announced revolutionary enhancements for its video transcoding products. Vantage® 4.0 brings exclusive new LightSpeed™ video acceleration technology to the Vantage Transcode product family, offering up to five-times greater performance across the entire product line. Vantage Transcode also continues to expand its format support, with the addition of the x264 codec for fast, high-quality H.264 transcoding, and additional support for broadcast and sports file formats. Vantage 4.0 also expands its workflow automation capabilities, with new CALM Act loudness and Accessibility Act Web caption support, greater support for Avid production workflows, and Screen subtitling and captioning workflows.

“Everything we do just got a whole lot better,” announced Telestream CEO, Dan Castles. “We are doing what we do best by bringing technical innovation and leadership to video transcoding. At this year’s NAB, you’ll see new levels of quality, speed, and ease of use for our Vantage transcoding products, as well as major new workflow tools to meet new regulatory requirements.”

Vantage 4.0 introduces LightSpeed 
Telestream LightSpeed™ video acceleration technology uses the power of OpenCL to provide the highest quality images at the fastest possible speed. LightSpeed is architected for massively parallel GPUs, including AMD and NVidia, and multicore CPUs, including AMD and Intel. This allows Vantage 4.0 to accelerate video processing and H.264 encoding. Vantage 4.0 provides more sophisticated algorithms for scaling and deinterlacing and full 16-bit 4:4:4:4 processing, never before available in any CPU-based transcoding product.

LightSpeed technology is available in the optional new Vantage LightSpeed Accelerator, a 1RU (rack unit) transcoding server that improves performance up to five times. All Vantage Transcode products can be run on a LightSpeed Accelerator for the fastest possible throughput. Content owners and service providers no longer need to compromise image quality to achieve significantly faster throughput.

CALM Act and Web caption regulatory compliance
Vantage 4.0 and FlipFactory 7.3 now support CALM Act loudness monitoring and control as a step in the automated file-based transcoding process. As files are prepped for delivery, loudness measurement and correction are accomplished in the same pass. Telestream also offers A Guide to CALM Complianceto help demystify the technologies – BS1770, A/85, EBU R128 and dialog detection – and to discuss efficient integration in file-based video workflows. Vantage 4.0 also adds closed captioning for Internet-delivered video for SMPTE 2052 and VPACC Internet captioning compliance with the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

New Web access
Vantage transcoding user interfaces and Web workflow portals are now available from any Web browser. Also new for Vantage Workflow Portal is improved frame-accurate proxy editing as well as thumbnail and list content views.

Deep system integration
Vantage 4.0 brings a new advanced Avid option to users. This includes encoding and delivery to Avid Interplay without requiring TransferEngine and a new Avid Web Services interface for creating assets, adding media and metadata updates. Deep Vantage 4.0 integration with Screen MediaMate allows a range of new workflows for open and closed subtitling and captioning for television and Web delivery.

Telesteam at NAB
Telestream Vantage, Pipeline, Episode, FlipFactory, Agility, and Wirecast products are being demonstrated in Telestream booth SL1405. For those unable to attend NAB, Telestream is producing a live show using its Wirecast live video production and streaming software, which includes product demonstrations and customer interviews. It can be viewed online at For more information about Telestream and its products, visit

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