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MommyTech Brings Consumer Tech, Media Pundits, and New Media Experts to Explore Today’s Tech Savvy, Influential Moms #CES2012



David Pogue Kicks Off Event with a Humorous Look at Living in the Digital World


Las Vegas, January 5, 2012 – Whether it’s sharing a recipe, nixing a pediatrician, navigating the boardroom or choosing the best new tablet or smartphone, moms like to share their advice and recommendations with others. The MommyTech Summit (Thursday, January 12th, LVCC, North Hall, N256) at the 2012 International CES will focus on how today’s tech savvy moms use the internet as their megaphone, sharing and influencing others.
With moms researching and purchasing products for themselves, their families and their households, they are doing the lion’s share of the buying. Relying on others like them for advice, moms are using the internet as a preferred conduit to seek recommendations from other moms, and make their voices heard about products and brands that work for them. As they figure out what works and what doesn’t, they pass that knowledge along like wildfire!
«Whether you look at the academic literature or holiday sales, you’ll see that a group of A-list bloggers has arguably the largest influence on the public’s opinion,»   said Andrea Smith, ABC producer and moderator of an afternoon lunch keynote with Disney.
MommyTech will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the growing influence of moms and how you – whether you’re a blogger, marketer, retailer, developer or engineer – can become involved.
«At MommyTech, we pull back the magic curtain on what makes moms run and why, exploring some of trends and hot topics impacting all moms, as well as products that help them balance work and life,» said Robin Raskin, President, Living in Digital Times.
What’s Happening at MommyTech
McCann’s Truth Central and BlogHer will be presenting never-been-heard before studies that look at everything from internet safety to the growing power and influence of the blogosphere in shaping women’s purchase decisions. Highlights include:

  • Continuance of women seeking peer reviews on blogs vs. expert reviews or guidance when it comes to consumer electronics purchasing and usage (BlogHer).
  • Mom’s schizophrenic relationship with technology. On one hand, they love being a few digits’ reach away from their children, on the other, worry about maintaining a ‘real’ childhood for their kids, the cost of keeping up with the latest devices, and their own creeping addiction. (McCann’s Truth Central)

Five top women bloggers, including Beth Blecherman (Cool Mom Tech) and Stacy Debroff(Founder, MomCentral) will candidly share the promise and peril of the blogging life, while Disneywill unveil its new network for new moms.  Intel will preview the future of shopping and companies including MTV and Microsoft will share their efforts to help families stay safe. New products from emerging players including AboutOne and DropCam will also demonstrate how they keep mom at the heart of their design.
For more updates and news from MommyTech Summit follow on Twitter with hashtag #mommytech.

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