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Reporte Virus IronPort



Outbreak Name: Troj/Dloadr-AMJ*


Dangerous Trojan Masked as a Kodak Photo.
Outbreak Filters Protects Users 16 hours and 27 minutes
Before First AV Signature

IronPort’s Virus Outbreak Filters protects customers within the critical period between the first
exploit of a virus outbreak and the release of an AV signature. During the recent Trojan variant
outbreak, Outbreak Filters protected customers 16 hours and 27 minutes before traditional AV
vendors** provided protection.

Potential Damage from Outbreak
Troj/Dloadr-AMJ is a dangerous Trojan that was recently spammed out as a spoofed message
asking users to open a photo in a zipped document. Once opened, the Trojan opens a backdoor
that remote hackers can use to take over the computer. Once taken over, hackers can use the
computer to send spam and host spyware. Remote hackers can also install key loggers and
screen scrapers onto the infected PC to steal personal, confidential and financial information
without the user’s knowledge.

Virus Outbreak Timeline



For more information on recent virus outbreaks visit:

*As named by Sophos.
**Calculated as publicly published signatures from the following vendors: Sophos, Trend Micro, Computer Associates, F-Secure, Symantec and McAfee. If signature time is not available, first publicly published alert time is used.

Irontport Virus Outbreak Filters - Report

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