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Google quiere comprar You Tube, y mas notas del CES



Google pays $1.65 billion for YouTube
Google pays $1.65 billion for YouTube

Google announced a deal to purchase YouTube Inc., which will not only put Google in front of a whole new crop of users, but will also help the company make inroads in the video advertising space. Universal Music Group and Sony BMG have already signed on to participate in the YouTube community. AP-B/ClipSyndicate (10/10), The New York Times (free registration) (10/10), Bloomberg (10/9), Yahoo!/Reuters (10/9), The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) (10/10), (10/9)

Analysts weigh in on Google’s YouTube buy: Google’s decision to snap up YouTube Inc. makes good business sense according to several Wall Street analysts, who pointed to a boost in video advertising revenue and the ability of Google to position itself as the top distribution partner for content owners, as well as publishers. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) (10/9)

CEA predicts mobile TV, navigation sales will top $1B
Consumer demand for in-vehicle video and navigation systems is expected to push sales to $1.1 billion in 2006, the CEA predicts. "The spread of in-vehicle electronics whether it be in-vehicle navigation or entertainment has been rapid and pervasive," Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell said. The Detroit News (10/10)

Report: Smartphone sales rising
Sales for smartphones have risen 75.5% in the last year and are expected to increase 66% this year, while PDA sales were up 5.7% in 2005 and are expected to rise 6.3% in 2006, according to analyst firm Gartner. CNET (10/10)

Report: High-def DVDs to control market by 2012
By 2012, high-definition DVDs as expected to comprise more than 50% of the home video market, according to a new report from Kagan. Video-on-demand and broadband video technologies, however, are expected to take a bite out of DVD rental revenue. Digital Trends (10/9)

Tech execs weigh in on state of Japan’s CE industry
Former Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei and President of Microsoft International Jean-Philippe Courtois recently provided insight into the state of the Japanese consumer electronics industry. Microsoft sees acquisitions of smaller companies with novel technologies as a way to stay ahead of the curve. Red Herring (10/9)

Other News

U.K. researchers try to identify patterns in texting styles
The Guardian (London) | 10/8

Technology Update

Delphi focuses on future of automobile electronics
According to company insiders, Delphi plans to showcase its automotive safety and entertainment technologies. Examples include radios with iPod connectivity, HD radios, active safety systems, and Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial. Telematics Journal (10/10)

Cool factor of phones becomes big part of buying decision
Phone designs are becoming a much bigger consideration for U.S. consumers, and some buyers are even willing to switch carriers to obtain a phone of their desire. "The networks are becoming commodities," Yankee Group Analyst Linda Barrabee said. "And consumers will be looking at other factors in making their decisions." CNET (10/9)

Other News

Remote Technologies introduces consumer-friendly keypads
Home Theater | 10/2006

Samsung offers world’s first 10-megapixel camera phone
Yahoo! | 10/10

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