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Epson Develops Next-Generation HTPS Panel for LCD Projection TVs



Epson Develops Next-Generation HTPS Panel for LCD Projection TVs –

TOKYO, Japan, December 12, 2006 – Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson") has developed a new high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) liquid crystal panel that will boost the performance of 3LCD front projectors and large-screen LCD projection TVs. The company has begun shipping samples of the 0.7 inch (diagonal 1.9 cm) panel, which is designed for true-HD-ready (1080p) large-screen LCD projection TVs. Use of innovative high-resolution technology in the new panel achieves unprecedented aperture ratios – a greater than 20% improvement over conventional TN panels. By enhancing aperture ratios, this new design technology improves luminance while using the same lamp as preceding models. It also enables the use of a lower-watt lamp to achieve the same levels of luminance or smaller HTPS panels to achieve the same resolution. Thus the new technology makes it possible to manufacture brighter, more environmentally friendly projectors that offer outstanding value for money. The sample products now being shipped feature this new technology plus compatibility with true-HD broadcasting, which will enable users to more easily enjoy high-definition images on large-screen 3LCD projection TVs manufactured with the new panels. Features of the new panels New high-resolution technology vastly enhances aperture ratios: Over 20% improvement in aperture ratio compared to conventional TN panels. Aperture ratio enhanced with no change in product size. Enables use of smaller panel size to achieve same resolution Example: True-HD (1080p) resolution for large-screen LCD projection TVs previously required a 0.9 inch panel. Now it can be achieved with a 0.7 inch panel, enabling manufacturers to produce TVs that are much more cost competitive. Benefits for manufacturers of projection products Offers enhanced luminance with same lamp Enables use of lower-watt lamp to achieve same luminance (reduced power consumption) Enables manufacture of smaller/lower-priced projectors with same luminance Sample specifications (compared with preceding product) Existing L3D09U-61G00 Newly-developed L3D07U-81G00 LCD type TN organic alignment layer TN organic alignment layer Technology D5 New series Effective pixels 1920 x 1080 (1080p) 1920 x 1080 (1080p) Panel size (diagonal) 0.9 inch (2.3 cm) 0.7 inch (1.9 cm) Pixel pitch 10 µm 8.5 µm Aperture ratio 51% 55% For the same 1080p panels, the new series shrinks panel size from 0.9 to 0.7 inch and enhances aperture ratio. The name of the new series of TN panels using vastly improved aperture ratio technology is not yet finalized. Product development trends The resolution and image quality of visual image sources have been greatly improved due to the proliferation of next-generation optical disk players and digital high-definition broadcasting. This has generated growing demand for products that offer users a simple and easy way to enjoy high quality digital content on large screens at home. The market for data projectors is also continuing to expand amid growing demand for corporate presentations and increasing use of IT solutions in education. At the low end of the market, there is growing demand for low-priced products offering outstanding levels of brightness suitable for presentations in a wide range of business contexts. In response to such needs, Epson selects either C2FINE (VA LCD + inorganic alignment layer) or conventional (TN) technology for each product category, depending on the performance required. For example, the C2FINE technology first marketed in September 2006 is used for products requiring high image quality with sharp contrast and reproduction of jet black, while conventional TN technology is used for products requiring a balance between image quality and cost. Glossary Twisted Nematic: A type of LCD that uses a nematic liquid crystal, where light rotates 90 degrees as it passes through the LC layer. Related information Click here for more information on Epson’s HTPS and other imaging technologies. Click here for more information on 3LCD.

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