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Study: One-sixth of homes have HDTV
HDTV sets are selling, and 26% of owners have more than one set, a Leichtman Research Group study found. An "HDTV Divide" is developing, however, because the average household income of buyers is 42% above the national average.   USA TODAY (10/26)
Game maker exec discusses gaming trends
With game makers gearing up for the holiday season, Robin Kaminsky, EVP of publishing at game maker Activision, talks about new consoles, original versus licensed IP for games and in-game ads. When asked to compare Sony Corp.‘s PlayStation 3 Blu-ray drive with Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 DVD drive, she says: "We’re Switzerland. We want every one of those first parties to be successful."   Red Herring (10/25)
Intel gives support to revised Energy Star standards
Intel has pledged to support EPA’s new Energy Star electronics standards, which take effect July 20, 2007. The company will work with the government agency to create processors and other components that will help manufacturers meet the revised standards.   CNET (10/26)
A primer on VoIP handsets
Skype Technologies and Vonage Holdings, industry leaders in VoIP, have introduced handsets that look and feel like traditional mobile phones and in some cases double as landline phones. Until this year, VoIP users were tied to connection-heavy headsets, microphones and computers.   The New York Times (free registration) (10/26)
Logitech acquires Slim Devices
Logitech International has acquired Slim Devices, the manufacturer of home network music systems Squeezebox and Transporter.   Stereophile (10/2006)
Philips puts R&D into medical care, lighting
Philips Electronics is shifting gears to explore new technology routes, such as medical home-care options for the elderly and new lighting applications in stores, as possible long-term replacements for its royalty income from DVD and CD technology.   Reuters (10/25)
Other News
  AMD acquires ATI Technologies for $5.4B
American City Business Journals/Austin (10/25)
  Sony Ericsson back among top five smartphone makers
cellular-news (U.K.) (10/25)
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Technology Update 

LG partnership to improve optics in its camera phones
LG Electronics has signed a deal with German lens maker Jos. Schneider Optische Werke to collaborate on camera optics enhancements for mobile phones.   InfoWorld (10/25)
Pioneer launches hands-free GPS system
Pioneer Europe has launched a hands-free GPS navigation system for motorists that uses voice recognition software from IBM. The technology, which understands 14 languages, has been used in smartphones, PDAs and other automobile systems.   CNET (10/26)
Bang & Olufsen, Samsung offer Serene phone
A new, elegant mobile phone dubbed Serene from Bang & Olufsen has arrived amid rumors about an Apple Computer iPhone. Featuring "wicked engineering" developed by Samsung Electronics Co., the phone retails for a $1,275.   The New York Times (free registration) (10/26)
Other News
  JVC launches iPod boombox
PCWorld (10/26)
  Disney launches branded personal media player
The New York Times (10/26)
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Survey: Online shopping gaining satisfied customers
Internet shopping is continuing to make inroads against conventional in-store buying, a new survey finds. The study by Deloitte & Touche USA shows online retailers are acquiring new customers at a 15% annual rate compared with 2% for stores. Additionally, 55% of digital shoppers prefer the experience, compared with 25% of conventional buyers.   Internet Retailer (10/25)
  Retailers accelerate Web user-review trend: Retailers including Sears and TicketsNow are following CircuitCity, Macy’s and pioneer Amazon by adding customer review features to their online Web sites ahead of the holiday season. User-generated reviews on the Internet have helped retailers gain new customers and generate more sales.   Chicago Tribune (free registration) (10/25)

CEA Zap 

Powerhouse speaker lineup confirmed for Future of Television Forum
The Future of Television Forum, presented by Digital Media Wire, CEA and NYU’s Stern School of Business, will be held Nov. 16 to 17 at NYU and brings together decision-makers from cable and broadcast networks, cable and satellite operators, high-tech and advertising. This year’s speakers include industry superstars from CBS, Disney-ABC, Sony, Starz, NBC Universal, and many more. Learn more about this line-up and register today.

TechHome Mark of Excellence Awards — Call for Entries
Sept. 27 to Nov. 27 is the Call for Entries for the TechHome Mark of Excellence Awards. Don’t miss the chance to show the competition, no matter what the size of your company, that you deserve the TechHome Mark of Excellence. Excellence earns the right to be honored. TechHome Mark of Excellence Awards promotes innovation and excellence in custom electronics products, services and installed technology. Visit for details.

CEA SmartStat
Seventy-two percent of adult consumers purchased a DVD in the last 12 months, while 43% received a DVD as a gift. Source: CEA Market Research Uncovering Trends in Digital Lifestyles study, April 2006.

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