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Senseg Turns Touchscreens Into Feelscreens


HELSINKI and CUPERTINO, CA. Senseg, the leader in next-generation haptic technology, today announced that it has been named to Time Magazine´s “50 Best Inventions” list in the magazine´s November 28th issue. Senseg´s patented technology enables users of touchscreen devices such as tablet computers to feel tactile sensations on their skin, including textured surfaces, contours and edges. The company?s technology can be integrated into touch interface devices to deliver a new dimension of interactive experiences.

Listed on page 60 of the print issue (,9171,2099708,00.html), under the heading “Virtual Textures”,  Senseg´s contribution, as with the other honorees, is measured by the section?s editors in length, in this case 10 centimeters, the size of a typical touchscreen.

Senseg is the only haptics company included in the “50 Best Invention” list.

According to DisplaySearch, the global touchscreen market will reach $9 billion by 2015, and the company lists twelve major technology areas for this market; Senseg´s technology plays in several of these areas.

When Senseg´s technology is incorporated into a touch interface device, application developers have precise control over the specific location and type of haptic effects that users experience. Senseg effects have a very broad dynamic range, both in the type of effect delivered and their intensity. With Senseg, application designers use feel to both guide and reward user actions, whether it is used to minimize visual focus required for accurate operation, or to enrich a multi-modal experience that incorporates graphics, sound and touch.

-By engaging the sense of feel, Senseg brings a new dimension of interaction to touch interfaces. We can now feel the pluck of guitar strings in a music app, feel sand when accessing images of the Gobi Desert, or feel the corner of a page when reading a book on a tablet. Content producers can engage their users with tactile experiences that complement their sound, text and images, said Ville Makinen, the founder and CTO of Senseg. “We are delighted to be included in Time?s list of the 50 best inventions, and we look forward to providing their readers  and the industry  with engaging tactile experiences.”

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