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The new Smart Baby Monitor for the iPhone available in Europe



A wonderful baby monitor for the iPhone available in Europe as from 16th November 2011
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Withings combines sleek design and advanced technology to provide parents with a next-generation connected baby monitor that can be controlled with an iPhone. It’s ultra-easy to use and offers extraordinary features for innovative usages!

French connected health and wellbeing champion Withings is setting a new standard with a video baby monitor that works together with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). The Smart Baby Monitor provides a high quality remote view of the room, even at night. Use the intuitive zoom to move around the room and access various monitoring settings, such as changes in temperature. With this genuine world first, Withings has successfully integrated high-quality remote access in an extremely user-friendly device. Withings’ Smart Baby Monitor keeps you close to baby’s room – even when you’re at work.

Withings has turned the baby monitor on its head to create a totally new device, a radical departure from anything previously available, combining an attractive look and the best technology in a user-friendly, feature-rich system. Says Withings co-founder Cédric Hutchings: “With the Smart Baby Monitor, we have created much more than just a baby monitor connected to an iPhone. The design, high-tech specifications and use of high-end components such as its lens make it an unparalleled device in line with Apple’s approach. After months of development, we are delighted to be launching this technological gem, coupled with a rich, highly intuitive interface that meets the needs of mums (and dads) yet remains incredibly simple.”

The Withings baby monitor is primarily designed for iPhone users. The product is discreet, looking like a small music box, and communicates with the iPhone. In designing the Smart Baby Monitor, nothing has been left to chance. It connects very easily, through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This wonderful little box is a smart sensor, with a 3 megapixel high-resolution camera, wide-angle lens and night vision. This unique solution allows you to navigate and zoom in or out with ease around the monitored room. With its temperature and humidity sensors, microphone, night light and speaker, the Smart Baby Monitor is the ideal device for enhanced monitoring. With its ultra-intuitive application, parents can interact with their baby and access their surroundings in a single gesture, from anywhere in the world.

The Smart Baby Monitor is a highly-gifted and feature-rich device that turns the iPhone into a next-generation baby monitor, so that your baby is never far away.

Nouvelle image (11)With its wide-angle 3-megapixel camera, parents have full access to the whole room at a glance. Without needing to move the device, they can navigatearound the room and zoom in at leisure with a simple touch of the iPhone screen, with high-quality images. Infrared vision allows them to access the child’s environment at night without disturbing him or her. A motion sensor developed by Withings provides parents with real-time alerts on unexpected events in the room. No need to stay glued to the screen to keep an eye on baby. You can quit the application but keep the audio monitoring feature on to listen in discreetly.

Parents can listen to the song continuously and create alerts based on a set level of noise. They can use the Smart Baby Monitor’s built-in speaker to interactremotely with the child, play a nursery rhyme, or simply comfort him with a few words – the sound is remarkably clear on both ends. The Smart Baby Monitor is fitted with a night light (LED) that parents can activate remotely in real time – you can even select a colour with a single stroke of your finger on the screen.

Alerts can of course be programmed to react to changes in other parameters recorded by the Smart Baby Monitor’s sensors, such as noisemotion,temperature or humidity. The user can set the degree of variation through the interface.

As with other Withings smart devices, the user can enjoy data logging and saving features and preservation of data. The interface allows parents access to all baby-related events in order to improve their child’s environment. It’s also great fun, as you can store photos taken whenever you schedule them remotely.Nouvelle image (12)

Sharing is another key option. Once they have handed over the baby to nanny, parents can keep an eye on their baby from wherever they may be, and can also invite their relatives to share the images. The Withings interface can be accessed from any iOS Device. All it takes is a login and password.
The Smart Baby Monitor can select the best way to connect: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cable. It connects to the mains and is also fitted with a rechargeable battery to handle any situation: in the event of a power failure, the battery automatically takes over.
As a connected device, the Smart Baby Monitor will in future benefit from additional services developed by Withings and third parties.

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor will be available across Europe as from 16th November 2011 from
MSRP: 299 € / £ 269

The free WithBaby app can be downloaded from the App Store.

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor has received several awards, including two stars from l’Observeur du Design 2011 and two innovation awards at CES 2011.

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