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CEA Announces Best of Innovations Design And Engineering Honorees
Innovations Award Honorees to be on Display at 2012 CES

New York, NY – Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® today announced its 2012 CES Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honorees. The coveted International CES Innovations Awards honor outstanding advancements in design and engineering in consumer electronics.
Bongiovi Acoustics’s Bongiovi DPS iOS App was selected as an Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards HONOREE
In the NEW! Software & Mobile Apps product category.
The FREE App brings amazing sound quality to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or any accessory you connect to it. Available at the App store or iTunes store. Search: DPS
Bongiovi Acoustics’ DPS System-wide Plug-In for Windows was selected as an Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards HONOREE in the NEW! Software & Mobile Apps product category.
The DPS Plug-In for Computers makes your computer or any accessories you connect to it (headphones, aux speakers, TV’s, home theatre) sound amazing.
Visit and try DPS Plug-In for free on your gear.
«Many of today’s portable speakers are very robust. Earbuds and headsets can have great sound, you just have to unleash their hidden potential,» says Tony Bongiovi, acclaimed record producer/engineer and inventor of the DPS technology. «DPS remasters the program material in real-time to provide optimized playback on your device, regardless of its price or perceived quality.»
The same audio mastering techniques employed in the recording studio are embedded in the patented DPS. The technology interacts with the source material in real time, effectively «decompressing» the audio signal. DPS’s unique «profiling» system then informs the DPS processor how to optimize the acoustic performance of your listening hardware.  It is particularly effective on earbuds, headsets and speakers of all shapes and sizesNo additional hardware is required.
The result: optimized audio for YOUR media, on YOUR gear, wherever you are.
Major players have already adopted the DPS philosophy in sectors outside of smartphones and computers. Toyota, Johnson Controls, Sanyo Semiconductor and iHome have already implemented DPS.
 “We proudly accept this honor from CEA.” said Ron Simmons, founding partner of Bongiovi Acoustics.  “It validates what our worldwide DPS user base, with sales in over 50 countries already knows—we make everything sound better. Music, movies, videos, gaming, voip, Skype, and all streaming media sounds better on your gear using DPS technology. Today’s digital world requires digital solutions and DPS represents a true breakthrough in the delivery of digital media content. The bottom line is that we can make ordinary hardware sound extraordinary.»

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