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  sculpteo silver 3D printing Screen 2, the international reference in easy online solutions for 3D printing is launching the first ever tailor made objects which can be designed and ordered online using their advanced 3D software and 3D printing technology. This revolutionary service will enable people to digitally create bespoke one off pieces of jewellery coated in silver which are truly unique and affordable.
The addition of the use of silver to Sculpteo’s 3D printing service is an industry first and demonstrates how this innovative technology can become increasingly accessible to people who want to create their own designs from their home computer.  Following on from the customised avatar and prototype facility which are already available on the Sculpteo website, thanks to their R&D team, they are now branching out into using more refined materials. The use of silver is just the start of a whole new range of materials and software which are to be launched in the forthcoming months.
Whether you want to create a ring for your loved one, design a pendant imprinted with your own motif or make your own cuff links engraved with your initials, all of this is possible through the website. Sculpteo’s intelligent 3D software enables you to easily visualise your piece of jewellery in its 3D form and to spin it around so you can view it from all angles and adapt it as you like, thanks to Sculpteo’s interface. Furthermore, the sophisticated software will also automatically correct any flaws to make sure that your piece of jewellery is complete and of a high quality before it is printed.
Cheval_argent     IMG_618632   Medaillon_sculpteo
Thanks to Sculpteo’s unique process, people can create affordable items coated with silver, using the conjunction of Sculpteo’s online platform, its high quality 3D printers and Sculpteo’s silver solution. During the printing process each object is first manufactured via laser sintering then it is coated in a final layer of silver using Sculpteo’s silver process™. For the first time you can create the piece of jewellery of your dreams very easily, online at a low cost (prices start at $34 / 25€ / £21)and have it delivered to you in the post within a few days.
The implications of this new technology are astounding and the R&D team at Sculpteo is continually developing their technology to work with new materials so they are really setting a benchmark for innovative 3D printing and what this holds for the future.
How does it work?
Users of the website can design their piece of jewellery themselves with
Sculpteo’s own easy to use 3D software (or other software such as Google SketchUp). It is also possible to upload a 3D file from the web of the design of your choice.
It’s very easy for Sculpteo users to edit or customize the items they want to print. Selecting material, colour or monochrome printing options and the object’s size is all done online. The price is calculated automaticallyso there is no waiting time to receive a quote.
Ordering your product is as simple as uploading a file to –
the item is then shipped directly to your address. Deliveries are possible within less two weeks.
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