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Comcast deal hints at TiVo’s future
DVR pioneer TiVo Inc. is betting that its future lies in teaming up with cable companies that now sell their own, less-expensive brands of DVRs. First up for TiVo is a deal that puts its technology in set-top boxes sold by Comcast.   CNET (10/31)
HD-DVD, Blu-ray makers turn to freebies
High-definition DVD makers are hoping to entice more shoppers to commit to HD-DVD or Blu-ray by offering free movies with hardware purchases. Sony Corp. is including a Blu-ray copy of "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" with PlayStation 3 units, and Toshiba is offering three free HD-DVD titles with the purchase of any of its HD-DVD players.   CE Pro (10/30)
Convergence between auto, CE companies makes cars smarter
High-tech electronic systems for cars, including light-detecting sensors, safety technology and navigation tools, are in demand. Automakers should consider new business models that incorporate electronic upgrades and be open to changes in vehicles’ interior architecture, said Siemens Corporate Research CEO Paul Camuti.   The New Zealand Herald (10/27)
Sony begins massive ad launch for PS3
Creative shop TBWA has created an advertising campaign designed to build excitement for the PlayStation 3 gaming console, despite a delayed launch and a higher price than competing consoles. Sony Corp. expects to sell 400,000 units when the device makes its U.S. debut next month. (10/30)
TV maker TCL to overhaul European operations
TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings will overhaul its European operations to address problems that have arisen with its expansion strategy. TCL is the world’s largest producer of TVs by unit sales.   The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) (10/31)
MySpace to block unauthorized copyrighted songs is licensing technology from Gracenote that will allow it to block unauthorized copyrighted music recordings from being posted to its site.   Light Reading (10/30)
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  Mobile advertising firm Rhythm NewMedia raises $18M
Light Reading (10/30)
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