Rescuing Abandoned Technology to Create Offbeat Gifts

Lake Zurich, IL – It’s not always easy finding the right gift for that special someone on your Christmas or Hanukkah list. And what do you buy for someone’s birthday who seems to have everything or is difficult to please?

From corporate executives to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and tech geeks, to eco-conscious moms and dads, Motherboard Gifts offers a wide range of offbeat and unusual gift items that will excite even the most hard-to-please friend or loved one on your list.

Motherboard Gifts is a family owned American company that converts defective and abandoned circuit boards and transforms them into useful objects that are quirky, sophisticated, cool and beautiful. Motherboard Gifts captures the intrinsic elegance of technology by rescuing defective and abandoned circuit boards destined for landfills in order to create gift ideas that are unconventional, earth-friendly, beautiful and elegant.

“Why give boring and bland when you can give quirky and cool? I know from my own experience how difficult it can be finding the right present for certain friends or family members,” comments Jay Silver, Motherboard’s President. “Sometimes you just run out of ideas and have to settle for handing over another bland, boring item like a tie or a gift certificate or, heaven forbid, some fruit cake.”

Continued Silver: “What we try and offer is an alternative to gift-giving that grabs the recipient’s attention and is a great conversation starter. Our circuit board gifts are never boring and people are always surprised by how cool, fun and sophisticated they are. It’s a win-win situation for the giver and the receiver.”

Sample gifts include:
Circuit Board Christmas Tree Ornaments ($19.95)
Circuit Board Money Clip ($14.50)
Executive Coaster Set ($35.50)
Circuit Board Business Card Case ($28.95)
Circuit Board Wall Clocks ($62.95)

*Please note; Motherboard Gifts is a small family owned business so media samples are limited to a first come first served basis.

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